Yes – Roundabout organ solo – with sheet music

THE GOAL: Record and post one killer keyboard solo a week for a year… more on the reasons later.

To show I’ve got some chops, and because it’s one of my favorite songs ever, I’m starting out with Rick Wakeman’s fantastic organ solo from Roundabout, by Yes.

Update: Here’s a PDF of sheet music based on my transcription. I’d like to thank Matt Branco of Berman Branco Music for help with and work on the sheet music.

(Hear/Buy the original: iTunes, Amazon)


~ by killersolos on October 1, 2009.

9 Responses to “Yes – Roundabout organ solo – with sheet music”

  1. Your taste in music parallels mine remarkably. Thanks for the postings and your hard work – tedious, I’m sure, but also immensely satisfying. And one learns so much in the process. I’ve searched for the link to the Roundabout solo pdf, but couldn’t find it. Can you direct me there?

  2. […] a note that I’ve now put up sheet music for the organ solo of Oye Como Va (9/11/2013) and Roundabout (9/4/2013), the intro to Hotel California (8/15/2013), and the organ solo from Santana’s Soul […]

  3. Hey, it’s me, “Eric” , saying thanks, saying the scores make a huge difference between your solo work being interesting and being really valuable. They’re the link between hearing it and learning for a lot of people. I have done lots of transcriptions, jazz mainly, in school, and definitely that’s the best way to play it and understand it so as to be able to apply the concepts elsewhere–which you’ve done. The worst way is to just learn how to play it off the sheet music. A very good middle ground, which I teach my students, is to loop a section on an mp3, listen to it until you can sing along, then until you can sing without the music. THEN go get the sheet music and plunk out that section while singing it (softly, hum, to yourself). That way you’re activating your brain-to-music-making tool before activating your eyes-to-fingers-music-making tool. then we sing it and play it into other solos where it can fit. That’s the application piece of the learning. I can expand if anyone wants more info. Sorry for being didactic, but given your example of generosity I am compelled to share something that may help others.
    BTW, I can bang out Rolie’s Evil Ways solo if you ever want to put that up. Also Wakeman’s full keyboard interlude solo piece on Yessongs, doing a lot of his Henry VIII stuff.
    Thanks again.

    • Hey… You are spot on about the sheet music. I did a few things with the blog software to make it easier to find and gave it its own category. Sine then the analytics are clear that the main thing people are coming to the site for, by far, are the scores.

      …which completely makes sense (in retrospect :-), that sheet music can be genuinely, even tremendously useful, while mp3s of the performances provide little value other than perhaps as demonstrations that the sheet music is (fairly) accurate and point to instrument voicings, phrasing and such, planned topics for future videos.

      For users of Logic Pro I’m trying to go even further, posting entire projects and instructional videos.

      The techniques you described, really smart, and I can tell for sure that doing that, I’ll get more out of making the transcriptions. (When I was first learning to improvise (and was devoting a fair bit of time to it) I made myself learn my favorite licks in every key, and that really helped drill them home.)

      Yeah, please send along Evil Ways. Full credit!

  4. I am so happy I just found this. I’v always wanted to play this organ solo. Finally got the solo from won’t get fooled again… down pat and now it’s time to tackle this one. Do you have this audio in a slower version(like you did for some of the other solos? I think that would help immensely as far as taking it measure by measure.


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