Henry Mancini – Peter Gunn sax solo

Once they gained the ability to bend and modulate notes and be played with dynamics, keyboards could be played with much greater expressiveness. In this piece I have used those capabilities to mimic many of the sounds a sax player makes by managing their embouchure, i.e. the way they apply their mouth to the mouthpiece.

Here on synthesizer I play alongside the fantastic sax solo from Peter Gunn, written by Henry Mancini. (Regrettably, I have so far been unable to find the name of the musician who played the solo.) The solo was improvised and performed by Mancini favorite Ted Nash.

[Updated May 2012 to include a PDF of a score of the solo for Eb alto saxophone.]

(Preview/purchase the original on iTunes, Amazon.)


~ by killersolos on October 12, 2009.

3 Responses to “Henry Mancini – Peter Gunn sax solo”

  1. The sax player who played the solo on Theme from Peter Gunn was Ted Nash. He played most of Mancini’s recordings as sax and flute soloist. His brother Dick also played with the Mancini Orchestra as first Trombonist.

  2. Hi!
    Could anybody note down this phantastic sax solo for me? I would be very grateful for it. Thanks!

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