Aerosmith – Train Kept A Rollin’ guitar solo

This week’s piece is the killer guitar solo from the middle of Aerosmith’s Train Kept A Rollin’. Interesting history, that song, first recorded in 1951 and covered by many bands including The Yardbirds and Metallica. Not sure if it’s Joe Perry or Brad Whitford playing here, or both in succession… but anyway, here it is doubled by yours truly on keyboard…

(Buy the original on Amazon – looks like you have to buy the whole album for $8 and it doesn’t appear to be available on iTunes at all.)


~ by killersolos on November 15, 2009.

4 Responses to “Aerosmith – Train Kept A Rollin’ guitar solo”

  1. Bob Ezrin, who was the executive producer on Get Your Wings, brought in session guitarists Dick Wagner and Steve Hunter to perform the dueling solos on this song. They also played on “Same Old Song And Dance.”

  2. Yeah, i always thought that this was the definitive aerosmith guitar soloing and then years after, i find out that it isn’t even whitford and perry. What a dissapointment. They never even manned up and admitted that is was not them and took the credit! It sucks because this is some of the best rock guitar soloing ever and Hunter / Wagner were never openly credited for it!

    I love Wagner and Hunters work on get your wings!!!! Awesome!!!

  3. For years the “urban legend” was that Jeff Beck played that solo.

  4. Neither Perry nor Whitford are that kind of soloist. They are much more of the Keith Richards and Pete Townshend school of rythm guitar leads rather than the Hendrix, Page, school of soloist.

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