Peter Frampton – Do You Feel Like We Do? electric piano solo

Here I am playing over top of the killer Fender Rhodes solo by Bob Mayo on Do You Feel Like We Do from Peter Frampton’s “Frampton Comes Alive”…

(Purchase on Amazon or iTunes… Sorry, both sites require you to buy the album to get the song.)


~ by killersolos on November 22, 2009.

15 Responses to “Peter Frampton – Do You Feel Like We Do? electric piano solo”

  1. Bad ass

  2. you do a great job. I am pretty much a novice but love these piano and organ solos. I have tried to search for Boston smokin sheet music but cant find anywhere. Do you figure these all out on your own?

    • Thank you. Yeah, I figure them out. The sheet music and MIDI files that I’ve found, overwhelmingly, are inaccurate to wildly inaccurate.

      I’ve posted sheet music for a few of the transcriptions I’ve done. Call Me The Breeze and Roses come to mind.

      A buddy of mine is really good at making the sheet music from the MIDI file and he’s looking to do another one. I’ll ask him to do Smokin’.

  3. Amazing ! Seems you feel like he does
    from a french guy loving Frampton 😉

  4. where can I find the acutual solo transcription?

    • I have the actual note for note transcription of the piano solo from the live 76 version of Do you feel like we do. It is spot on….

      • can you email me the transcription for the solo….i have only been working on it for like the last ten years, on and off

      • Hey Simon i would love to get a copy of the transcript of the Bob Mayo solo on Do You Feel . . Is that something you can email me? I cant seem to find it on this website. Thanks!

      • Hi Simon Hardy,
        I have transcriptions of most of these solos but not Bob Mayo’s. Can we share please?
        Beautifulmusicbiz@gmail .com

  5. Have there been any updates for sheet music generated from your MIDI files? Of particular interest are this tune, Smokin’ and Hold Your Head Up. I’ve got a PDF of Hold Your Head Up from my own aural transcription; I’d love to compare notes!

  6. Pretty awesome! I just bought a talkbox and have been trying to perfect this song. I love Frampton.

  7. Do you have a transcript of this solo?

  8. Hi, (Sorry, don’t know your name),
    I just wanted to remark that you are a consummate musician! You have figured out many of the solos that I have wished I could play four years. Of all of the solos I think I would love to play was the Bob Mayo solo from how do you feel. It’s great hearing you play it and that will be a big help in trying to figure it out. However there are so many fast runs that it would be hugely helpful to have a written transcription. I recognize how much time and effort it takes for you to do these, and would never ask to have one for free. But I wonder if you might consider doing a PDF transcription of the solo from how do you feel for a fee. If you let me know how much one would cost I’d be happy to talk to you about it.
    If you have a chance to get back to me about this I’d greatly appreciate it.
    Best regards,
    Frederick Feldbauer

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