Santana – Oye Como Va – organ solo – with sheet music

This is one of my favorite solos of all time. I’m on organ in the left channel (mostly), Santana‘s Greg Rolie in the right (mostly). Here is the killer Hammond organ solo from Oye Como Va (written by Tito Puente):

Updated 9/11/2013 – sheet music for the solo now available as Oye Como Va organ solo [pdf].

(Buy the original on iTunes, Amazon.)


~ by killersolos on November 30, 2009.

14 Responses to “Santana – Oye Como Va – organ solo – with sheet music”

  1. πŸ™‚

  2. excellent indeed! Do you happen to have a transcription of what you played? I’m mostly a sight reader, not too great at the adlib’g yet. Thank you!

  3. at least tell us the scale you used? πŸ™‚

  4. Hello..Glad to see you’re active again on the site. If you do any more organ solos, I have a request….Argent’s “Hold Your Head Up”

  5. Boy, do I feel stupid!!! You already have Hold Your Head Up. THANK YOU!

    But could you do the sheet music? That would be GREAT!

    • Hi Michael… Thank you for commenting. The sheet music is probably the most popular thing on the site, and I would like to eventually make sheet music for all the killer solos.

      As you can guess, there’s more to doing even passable sheet music than clicking “sheet music” in Logic, and the crazier the solo, the more work it is, including figuring out how to get it to do stuff I don’t know how to make it do, although that’s also part of the fun.

      I’m slowly filling in the gaps, and definitely Oye Como Va is one of the greatest organ solos of all time, but it’s also one of the harder ones to get the notation to be reasonable. Probably sometime in the next few months, or if you want to take a crack at it, get Logic Pro (if you don’t have it) and I’ll post the project.

    • Hi Michael… I got ambitious last night and cranked out some pretty decent sheet music for the Oye Como Va organ solo. It’s linked from the main posting above. -ks

  6. […] Folks… Β Just a note that I’ve now put up sheet music for the organ solo of Oye Como Va (9/11/2013) and Roundabout (9/4/2013), the intro to Hotel California (8/15/2013), and the organ […]

  7. Thank you so much for sharing all of your hard work with all of us “would be” rock keyboard players. Just this one minute solo would have taken me weeks to figure out by ear. Some of these are on my “bucket list”…. would probably never get around to learning them if it weren’t for you. After all you have done already, I almost feel like an ingrate to ask but… Hold Your Head Up is #1 on my list. I have had some success … but my ear just isn’t that good. An overhead video on Youtube would be great. Would that be a lot less work? Maybe as a tutorial…. in sections?…maybe half normal speed?
    Again, feel kinda bad asking for more when you have already given so much of yourself. Finally, I think I speak for all who have visited you site… Thank You very much!!

  8. Hi there and thanks so much for commenting. I’ll have a look. (Logic can make sheet music but it usually requires a fair bit of tweaking to not be lame.)

    By the way, a digital audio workstation like Logic has powerful tools that can assist you in figuring out a piece. I have a tutorial up on YouTube that you might find hepful, at

  9. Thanks, I give that a try.

  10. how do I download this into dropbox so I can listen to it?

  11. […] Santana – Oye Como Va – organ solo – with sheet music | A … – Nov 30, 2009  · Santana – Oye Como Va – organ solo … Oye Como Va – organ solo … Just a note that I’ve now put up sheet music for the organ solo of Oye Como Va … […]

  12. Any way you could figure out the synthesizer part of the song by Yes,
    “And you and I”?
    It is the short synth part that comes right after Steve Howes guitar intro and just before the vocals start.
    I cant find the notes for this anywhere……

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