Time to Quit

It’s gotten hard. I practiced a good bit this week but I barely worked on, and didn’t finish, any killer solos. I worked on this brief but very killer organ bit in Carry On Wayward Sun. Not sure if it’s even a candidate for the project, and christ is that guy ever fast.

Dude came over last weekend, a week ago. Supposedly a very real musician. Played him some of the stuff… and he crapped all over it. Claimed to be hearing things I could. not. hear. Unbelievably insulting. I was just a hair from throwing him out but I wasn’t sure if he was for real or not so I decided to mine his bullshit for any gold nuggets that might be in there.

Well, after he left I pulled him up music from his myspace page and it was utterly generic and uninspiring so, as it turns out, the guy really was completely. full. of. shit. But I’m not sure that I’ve gotten over it.

I’m naked – I’m putting the stuff out there for anyone ANYONE to listen and compare.

What am i doing? Am i insane?

I have a bare handful that are ready that are so good I haven’t been able to part with them.

….which in itself is absurd.

And i have some that haven’t yielded. And that freaks me out.

This is the place where i abandon it. Give up. Let the site go fallow and then rot. I’m too busy. Everyone will understand.

All right. Well…. that would be being a quitter. I had a glimpse of this moment before I even started the project, which is why I declared it would be a killer solo for a year, why I registered the blog, and why I told people about it… to help force myself to keep going when this time came. Hmm, much like how when I was a kid I got to a certain point and wanted to quit piano and my parents wouldn’t let me… something I deeply resented then but am very thankful now.

All right, I’m going to keep going, and I’ll post my best or second-best killer solo shortly.


~ by killersolos on February 1, 2010.

3 Responses to “Time to Quit”

  1. When I read this title a couple of weeks ago, I a flood of being SO MAD at you! Just the week before I had first listened to one of your solos and thought it was fabulous and was inspired by the project. Thank you for keeping your word! I’m impressed by adults who still want to learn!

  2. Thank you. At first I intended to just post the music and nothing else, but a couple of people chastised me for not sharing anything of myself and what was going on for me while doing this stuff. So I chewed on that for a while and then I had that little crisis and I was like, OK, here goes, warts and all.

    Thank you for listening, and thank you for your comment.

  3. Wow–found you; yea! I am a serviceable (in some regards) player but not strong; in particular, not fast. I need to do Something for the Oye Como Va solo. Was listening deep, thought to mine the Web for a clue; and found your page. So now I’ve got the sheet music (I’m a reader; it will surely help…). I still won’t be able to play the thing; but it gives great clues for this, and other playing (and I see the additional songs…). Thanks for doing all this, and for having it–and keeping it–in an accessible place. Hope the project experience was good for you overall, and that life is treating you well.

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