Kansas – Carry On Wayward Son organ solo

How to drive yourself crazy: Commit to doing 52 of something and try to make each one top the prior one. That I have been attempting to do that was part of the “crisis” of a couple weeks ago when I was considering quitting.

This week I’m doing the Steve Walsh killer Hammond organ solo from Kansas’ Carry On Wayward Son. You say hey killer, wait a minute, that “solo” is only four bars. Well, yeah, but what a four bars. I estimate that there are approximately one million notes in those four bars. Ha ha.

What made it hard: A bit more than 16 notes per second (32nd notes @ 128 bpm) makes figuring out the lick, and playing it… kinda difficult. What I got out of it: 1. The joy of figuring out something that I’ve been listening to since I was a teenager. 2. It’s “just” extremely fast riffing on the blues scale.

I’m mostly in the left channel, Steve is mostly in the right. Some of my percussive hits are a little too thunky, but there you go.

(Preview and purchase on Amazon, iTunes.)


~ by killersolos on February 7, 2010.

3 Responses to “Kansas – Carry On Wayward Son organ solo”

  1. hey man, can you email me the chord chart or the notes that you figured out? robmorr31683@gmail.com

  2. You do a masterful job of dissecting the un-dissectible, and it has helped me with leads that I have been trying to do right, but haven’t for years. The sheets for piano are incredibly accurate and helpful. If you could go back and sheet all the solos that you have already figured out that would be amazing. Thanks! DwayneTheGain

  3. Nice job. I’ve been agonizing over this for years. I’ve seen several videos, but it seems each person does it a bit differently. Is the highest note you hit during the solo a Bb or B?

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