Average White Band – Pick Up the Pieces – sax solo

A super funky groove, clean and precisely played unison/duet sax riffs, and a killer saxophone solo sent the Average White Band’s 1974 song Pick Up the Pieces to number one.

Here I’m doubling a couple of the riffs leading into the solo, then the solo, and the riffs on the fade. I’m panned pretty much hard right. I have the volume jammed pretty high, too. I think it sounds pretty close.

None of the angst of the last few weeks… this came together pretty easily. What was hard: Phrasing as if playing a sax. Using the pitchwheel to mimic the changes in the player’s embouchure. What was easy: There are only a few parts, they’re not real fast, there are not a lot of sustained notes, and there’s little reverb — that makes it easier to pick out the parts.

What I got out of it: An expanded recognition that it doesn’t take a lot of notes to make a compelling solo.

(Purchase the original on Amazon, iTunes.)


~ by killersolos on February 14, 2010.

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