Deep Purple – Highway Star organ solo

When I was considering taking on this “killer solos” project I naturally began making a list of solos that I would like to work out and play… Roundabout, without question. Oye Como VaFeelin’ Allright. As I was auditioning songs for the list, I would come across certain ones that I would just go “I don’t know that I can ever play that”.

There’s one keyboard god, in particular, whose playing I’ve just had to kind of block my mind from considering because he’s so fast and melodic and virtuosic, and that is Deep Purple’s Jon Lord. One of the purposes of the project is to become a better keyboard player, and over the course of 24 solos I have raised my game… Lazy came out pretty well, so I decided to try Highway Star, and if it didn’t work out, I didn’t have to share it…

The Internet is amazing, isn’t it. It’s been great for learning about Jon Lord. There’s even a five-minute video of him explaining how he gets that incredible distorted Hammond sound. (For those in a hurry, he played through a Marshall stack.) Ah, that’s missing in Lazy. In my version I overdrove the organ outputs but the distortion was weaker than Jon’s. So now for my Jon Lord sound I’m playing through a Marshall stack, more or less.

Everything about this solo was hard for me. It was hard to figure out. It was hard to bring up to speed. And it was hard to play fluidly and not tense up. Still, I’m pretty happy with the result.

All right all right, let me wrap this up. There are actually two solos in the original, overdubbed. I did only the more prominent one. In the left channel (mostly), the keyboard stylings on Jon Lord, in the right channel (entirely), I’m doubling the part… please enjoy the killer organ solo from Highway Star…

(Purchase the original on Amazon ($0.99), iTunes ($1.29).)


~ by killersolos on March 10, 2010.

2 Responses to “Deep Purple – Highway Star organ solo”

  1. I love it!! You are very good, I think you can master all of them!!

  2. […] What’s Going On Here – piano solo What’s Going On Here is a song on Deep Purple’s 1974 album, Burn. It has a killer Jon Lord solo, but something of a departure for Jon, it’s a piano solo. (I’ve done some other Deep Purple solos… Lazy and Highway Star.) […]

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