Sugarloaf – Green-Eyed Lady – organ solo

I find it fairly amazing that Green-Eyed Lady was released in 1970. The drums are mixed really forward and with very light reverb. It has a very clicky and open sound that still sounds fresh forty years later, which may be part of the reason why the song is still in rotation on every classic rock station in America.

There’s not a lot of info about Sugarloaf on the Internet. Their website is down (but sort of cached on Google). The song on iTunes is listed as being by “Jerry Corbetta formerly of Sugarloaf”, hinting at legal action around the demise of the band. Corbetta was the singer and keyboardist, turns out, and after Sugarloaf was in Disco-Tex and the Sex-O-Lettes, co-wrote the Grace Jones hit “On Your Knees”, wrote a hit for Roberta Flack, and later joined the Four Seasons.

What was hard about this: Once again, some very very fast licks. Also the solo is fairly long at 25 measures. What was easy about it: A number of repeated figures. Something extra I liked about it: Some subtle riffing on the main lick.

Here we go then, Jerry Corbetta mostly in the right channel, me mostly in the left, doubling the killer organ solo from Green Eyed Lady…

(Purchase the song on Amazon, iTunes.)
PS – I posted the sheet music for Call Me The Breeze based on my transcription.


~ by killersolos on March 21, 2010.

9 Responses to “Sugarloaf – Green-Eyed Lady – organ solo”

  1. VERY GOOD!!!

  2. Great solo on your part, except that it’s almost nothing like the original. I think Jerry C’s solo would be more like a good month’s work, at least to get all the notes right, and then to work it up to speed. 🙂

  3. Hi Again, I didn’t realize that he re-recorded the song this past year, and you transcribed his “new” solo here, am I correct? Wow, I just wonder why people re-record their material when they cannot make it better? I’ve always wondered why Jerry uses that cheap electronic organ sound now instead of at least a good Hammond clone such as a Nord Electro.

  4. Has any body transcribe the ogan solo green eye lady?

    • I see you posted sometime back looking firs transcription of the solo from “Green Eyed Lady”. I am looking also. Have you come across one by any chance?

  5. How do I learn organ solos from you & what does it cost. Pls advise via my EM address. Tks

  6. I too am asking if you share any of your transcriptions of these wonderfull solos? Especially Green Eyed Lady.

  7. Yes, same here. Play in a garage band that is attempting to learn Green Eye Lady. Would love to learn the organ transcription if you have notated it. Thanks!!!

  8. Here is the original solo from the 1970 recording of Green Eyed Lady.

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