Ted Nugent – Stranglehold – guitar solo

After essentially terminating the killer solos project, I took on one of the guitar solos in Ted Nugent’s Stranglehold just for fun. I think it came out really well. I also enjoyed it because Ted loves synthesizers so much.

So I’ve decided to resurrect the project. I did 32 solos in 33 weeks. I am now committing to do 52 solos total, but not in 52 weeks. I expect to complete one about every two to four weeks until I reach the total.

This one I was particularly satisfying, and it didn’t take long either. My transcription and playing chops have come up a lot. Also I am listening a lot more closely to the parts, another of the skills I have grown from doing the project.

OK so here it is, Ted in the center, me panned somewhat to the right, one of the killer solos from Stranglehold…


~ by killersolos on May 28, 2010.

12 Responses to “Ted Nugent – Stranglehold – guitar solo”

  1. Fantastic! Has that great double tracking sound that Randy Rhodes used to do.

  2. What equipment did you use to get the sound?

    • It’s all virtual, using built-in instruments and effect in Logic Studio. I use a MIDI keyboard, use Logic’s sampling synthesizer with what started as a factory patch.

      For the sound chain I use a (virtual) compressor, next I used a “stadium stack” virtual amp, tuning the bass, mid, treble and drive until I felt they were pretty close.

      Next an “Ensemble” multi-chorus effect to fatten up the sound and a parametric EQ for a little more fine tuning.

      Finally I added echo, which I hear in the original, although I am probably using too much.

  3. killersolos,,, did i read right? Do have the solo (hold your head up) scripted out?


  4. Hi, I was thrilled to read you’re going to keep going, but then I couldn’t find anything past April 2010. What’s going on with the project? You are truly helping more people than you can imagine. I’m a touring pro and have made your generous contributions a part of my practice routine, and use it for my students. You still moving on the project…?

    • Hi Eric,

      Thank you. I have been thinking about what you said for


      . To be honest it’s difficult to accept your praise. Or even confront it for that matter.

      I have a handful of solos in various states of completion, but they all have problems. One of them is Sweet Home Alabama, which I would like to fully get and bring up to speed.

      I think it would be good to produce scores for many of the previously published pieces. Bloody Well Right, Do You Feel Like We Do, Hold Your Head Up, Feelin’ Alright, etc. Lots of people have asked. I pulled up a few and looked them over in the score editor last night, and they all need work, like moving notes around, marking grace notes, ties, experimentally quantizing phrases to try to get it to notate something reasonable, etc. (It’s useful to copy the MIDI track and mess with the copy for the scoring and leave the original to maintain the performance.)

      I’ve been doing some composing, but it’s all crap. Sometimes I feel like a breakthrough is right at the edge or just beyond reach, though.

      Finally I’m toying with and becoming increasingly convinced that I should make some videos demonstrating the techniques I use with Logic to work out and transcribe solos. Stuff like importing a song, beat mapping it to overlay measures, etc, using an EQ plugin to make a part easier to hear, etc.

      Anyway, thanks for your kind words. I fired up the music Mac and backed it up and installed software upgrades, etc, last night. I’m not sure what to do next but I’m going to do something.

      • If I may be so bold, a couple quick comments on your comments on my comment. Obviously, you want to be active musically but aren’t sure what to do next. I teach intermediate and advanced students along with my session and concert work, and see the same things you’re struggling with in my good students, so thought I’d take a leap, and pass on my insights:

        1. The people who think they’re never playing that well, or putting out good work, are the best players in my experience. Because they know their potential, and of course will never reach it, because there’s no there there. The people who think they’re great, they’re nailing it, are usually the worst players. They’ve gone as far as they’re going to go. Even if I didn’t already know, I could tell you’re in the former group, because you’re down on your playing when everyone else is going, “whoa, that’s great stuff”.

        2. You helped a lot of people become better players, something they’ll take with them always. That’s pretty cool.

        3. Maybe you’re burned out on the licks project. It’s a frikking hell of a lot of work to transcribe, though it is valuable. And the type of thing you’ve got to want. Maybe you don’t do one a week. Do one a month. Mix it up, do a country piece, a jazz piece, whatever. If it’s helping you as a player.

        4. I’d like to see your transcribing / technology workflows, especially being a Logic guy, and playing MainStage live. However, what would be most interesting IMO would be to see your workflow weighted more on the analog side of transcribing a tune, as far as having a piece, listening to it, putting it in Transcribe or whatever, going measure by measure or note by note or whatever, playing it in Logic or writing it in the score, then yea, do the fixing it up part in Logic. Like 70/30. So from analog sound coming out of speakers to digital transcriptions. That would be cool. There are a lot of engineer types, eg SFLogicNinja on YouTube, who do great videos on beat mapping and the in-the-box stuff, but none I’ve seen showing getting it out of the air ands into the box. Everyone has their own workflow, I’ve done it for eons, but always learn something new from looking over a shoulder.

        5. Or, a really really helpful thing that would put icing on the cake would be to put together midi files and/or transcriptions (easy in Logic, once the midi files are in) for your transcriptions. Hey, make it into a book afterward. They don’t have to be perfect. I saw a lot of people asking for them. Maybe that’s a project that you’d enjoy at this point, and one that would be really excellent for others (me…) to have.

        Actually, 4 and 5 would go together well.

        Sorry if that’s too personal, or too long. YMMV. IMO. All that.


      • Hi Eric… It’s really generous of you to have taken the time and done the thinking to write what you wrote. Thank you.

        Everything you said is spot on.

        It’s become clear to me that the biggest contribution I can make in the musical realm at this point is to share how I’m doing it, my transcription workflow, as you said.

        I’m gonna do it. Also I’m going to post some of the Logic projects. I’ll include a couple-three seconds of the original tune as a placeholder but leave it to the downloader to obtain the original and drop it in place.

  5. – IMO it would be really important to include the original solo file in the Logic file as you do them. Otherwise, with all the alternative versions of a tune, it would be really hard to find and hear and cut and place the original, and overall would hurt the value of the project, if I’m understanding what you said. If it’s a copyright issue I wouldn’t worry, personally, plus there’s some kind of exemption if the material is used for educational purposes (which it would be). I’m not a lawyer, but i do remember reading this, and have relied on it. Plus you aren’t charging for it.
    – Logic has a pretty good score viewer (for midi tracks), with a little quantizing adjustment. So the score comes built in.
    – I’m pretty advanced on Logic so shoot me any questions. ericnelson321 “at” gmail dot com. This is an excellent and helpful project.
    – Final IMO is to request that you make it more about scoring workflow using Logic, than about Logic workflow. There are lots of the latter, none of the former.
    Thanks for this, please LMK as you progress.

    • Hi Eric,

      I’ve posted the Logic project to Frankenstein, the first new activity on the Killer Solos project in a long time. Thanks for your generosity. You made the difference. More to come…

      • Yea. Hey, give me an email at ericnelson321@gmail.com. I’d like to point you to my website and demos, share a couple Logic and workflow thoughts for your project, maybe collaborate on some stuff, all that. I don’t want to leave my site url here (spammers), nor extend the comments section more than I already have.

  6. Wow, Frankenstein. Just listened (and watched in Logic). Wow. Killer job. Really. What a valuable resource your collection is. thanks man. Gimme a shout.

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