Logic project for Frankenstein

Logic project for Frankenstein

For users of Logic Studio here is a zip file of a cover of Frankenstein.  Download it to your Mac and double-click on it to unzip. Double-click on the song in the unzipped folder or choose Open from Logic’s menus and navigate to the Logic project therein. There are numerous synth tracks plus drum and guitar tracks from a couple of friends of mine who are seriously competent musicians.

If you drop the original AAC or MP3 from They Only Come Out At Night and align it with the start of the audio tracks, it should match note for note.

I still haven’t worked out all the keyboard arpeggios about 2/3rds of the way through the song (leave comments and/or send tracks if you work them out, please), and the big descending synth sweep still leaves something to be desired, but the keyboard riffs are correct, I believe, and the voicings, all done with Logic’s virtual synths, are quite close for the most part.


~ by killersolos on July 8, 2013.

One Response to “Logic project for Frankenstein”

  1. For users, some futzing with quantizing in the Score Window may be necessary if you want to view the notation on a fast solo with accuracy. Too low and it’s all chords. Too high and it’s too many notes. I think I settled at about 64 for the synth solo.

    As I said in my comments in the Nugent section, really a great job. Killer instrumentation. Valuable resource. Thanks much, will keep watching. I’m a pro player and a Logic nerd, so feel free to contact me off-blog if you want to talk about anything technical or musical.

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