Eagles – Hotel California – intro, with sheet music

In my opinion, two of the greatest rock songs of all time are the Eagles songs Hotel California and Life In The Fast Lane.  Hotel California is also very beautiful.

I saw the movie recently and yeah Glenn Frey comes off like a dick, but so does Felder, and I get it.  It was great seeing the old footage, and for the newer stuff, seeing how comfortable and peaceful (and sober) Joe Wash has become was a highlight.

Anyway I beat mapped Hotel Cali and started fiddling with it and I got the first 16 bars figured out fairly well.  I’ve spent some time working on the sounds and trying to get them closer.  They’re not there yet and I haven’t 100% figured out why, but I have some suspicions.

But also I figured they spent months developing the song from a lick to a finished piece so that the few hours I’ve put into starting to cover it in Logic, I shouldn’t feel too guilty if it’s not perfect yo.

So here ya go, the first 16 bars of Hotel California, done on a Macbook Pro using virtual instruments in Logic Pro X.

Hotel California Intro [pdf]


~ by killersolos on August 15, 2013.

2 Responses to “Eagles – Hotel California – intro, with sheet music”

  1. Hey, wonderful, heart-warming to see your arts and computer genius convergeing….finish it…it has a wonderful erie sound the seems to put water on the dry bones of history…thanks Karl….keep going…..warm regards. Letitia

  2. […] sheet music for the organ solo of Oye Como Va (9/11/2013) and Roundabout (9/4/2013), the intro to Hotel California (8/15/2013), and the organ solo from Santana’s Soul Sacrifice […]

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